Whose their favorite parent? It’s not me!

I’ve heard my kids talk about which one of them is the their parent and there are tons of articles out there on that subject.  But, how about kids having a favorite parent?  I do think there’s a tad bit of truth to there being some competition between moms and dads when it comes to their children’s adoration.

I’ll admit it. I want to be that person.  Who doesn’t want to be the one the crying kid comes to for comfort?  Or get all the kisses? Who doesn’t want to be the one they go to seeking advice for the latest problem with their friends?  Yet, even if I mount a serious campaign, I don’t think it’ll be me.  Why?  I’m the gate-keeper of all evil at the Roe house.

Let’s be honest.  I’m the one making them do their laundry.  When they come home from their dad’s they bring the dirty laundry back with them.  I make them do their homework.  There are lots of sports and movies being played at dad’s house.  I have the violins and cello at my house … what kid wants to practice????  What parent even wants to try to get them to practice?  I make them pick up their room, clean up their junk on the counter and sometimes clear the table after dinner … EEK!

My son complained the other day that I don’t cook like their dad.  I make too much organic food and he prefers the non-organic, high fat kind!  He asked why I can’t make my omelets look like dads or his over easy eggs.  No wonder dad’s the fav!!!

Of course, I’m very happy that they love their dad!  I know they enjoy being there and “relaxing” (because it is apparently not so at my house!).  But, no matter…we share the same DNA and have had loads of fantastic and fun times here at my house.  So, if I have to be the bad parent in order for them to learn how to cut their own nails, put the toilet seat down and get those globs of toothpaste out of the sink – so be it.  Just more $$ in that therapy jar.

Have an amazing day!


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