He started his chemotherapy yesterday.

Two years ago I met a guy.  I actually met a guy and a woman. They’d worked together for years and were starting a new firm.  I joined them.  Regardless of our future  journey, I am forever grateful that I met them.  They will always be my friends.  He started chemotherapy yesterday.  He is only 40.

I don’t know what to say here.  I know that the day he received his diagnosis, his life changed forever.  My mom said the same thing.   I get that.  Yet, it’s what we do with the diagnosis that seals the deal, so to speak.

Do these experiences change who we are?  Yes.  Does they change how we view the world? Absolutely.  Can the rest of us learn from those who are thrown into periods of “change,” even if we don’t have terrible drugs coursing through our bodies for hours at a time?  I hope so.

Life’s like that.  One day is one thing.  The next day it’s flipped over.  Sometimes in good ways, like my friend who has found a new partner and started a new phase of her life.  And some, who just need to get through today.  But let me offer this: there really is good that comes from it all.  Because as much as we (read – me) hate change – it forces us to reexamine who we are, what are our strengths and weaknesses and how to be really better and more loving stewards of ourselves, those we love and the world around us.

So, on this quiet day of his first 24  hours with chemo drugs … I pray that he and everyone else with these experiences now and in the future, find the silver lining. It’s there.  Sometimes there are just a few clouds in the way.

Have a peaceful day.


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