Blogging for Dummies (that’s me).

I’m in the home stretch. I have no idea how I got here.  I’m not sure what I was thinking when I started this venture.  And, frankly I haven’t a clue why I thought this would be remotely interesting to anyone, including me.  So, as I continue to figure out what to do after 365 days (keep writing, not write, write sometimes, go on a vacation with no computer …), I happened upon an article, “Bogging for Dummies.”  Sh**, could have used this 361 days ago!

1. Define Your Goals

My goals were simple: 365 posts (in a row), 500 words or less – with no names, no religion and no politics.  I didn’t set many goals — just like I avoid new year’s resolution – less chance for failure!

2. Know Your Audience

It said that my “content” should reflect my audience.  Who are you, Mr. and Mrs. Audience?  I’ve had 10,000 hits and readers from 19 countries.  Some of you I know and some of you I clearly don’t know.  I frankly didn’t even expect an audience. Thanks Audience!  I really appreciate that you’ve made this one of my most important (and best) years ever … and it happened at 50!  Catch that AARP!

3. Have a Brand

“Just like popular brands such as Coke or Nike, your blog represents a specific message, [brand] and image to your audience.”  Ok. So my brand is about my flaws, some more flaws, the interesting people I meet in life and all the other flaws that are stacked up inside the door of my cave.  Easy enough.

4. Be Inviting

“[I]t’s essential that your blog welcomes readers and invites them to join a two-way conversation.”  Was I inviting?  I often wondered if anyone out there was going to relate or have the same “issues,”  (and I’ve got a lot of them).  I hope you felt “invited” to participate and could relate.

5. Keep it Fresh

A friend recently said, “You gave another homeless person a gift card?”  Alright, maybe I do repeat myself but I just can’t help it sometimes!  I never went back and read the blogs — so thanks for putting up with any “repeats!”

6. Be Yourself

What you see is what you get in the Jessica Roe department.  I’m not complex or mysterious.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve and now in my blog.  I was totally myself – I hope that was ok.

Frankly, what I didn’t expect was that I would fall in love with all of you.  I also didn’t expect the experiences I would have and then share with you.  I mean I’ve had those things my whole life … they just seem more real now that I’ve put them on paper.

Friends, we can do a lot in our lives.  But when we go, all that we leave behind is our love (and our words).  So, with that, I encourage you to write a letter (or blog post) today and tell those you love just how much you love them!

Have a fantastic Saturday!  XOXOXO

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